Welcome to the official website of late Angela Carter, novelist, poet, short story writer & one of the most original voices in the 20th century English literature.

This website is aimed at the general reader.   It contains information on her books, her publishers, how to contact the Estate as well as news about forthcoming reissues, other books and links to interviews and articles.

English Heritage has commemorated the legacy of award winning novelist Angela Carter with a blue plaque at her former home in Clapham. It was at this house, 107, The Chase, that Carter spent the last sixteen years of her life. She often tutored her then student, Kazuo Ishiguro, at the kitchen table and received fellow writers – J.G. Ballard, Ian McEwan, Salman Rushdie – as guests. Author Salman Rushdie, said: “Angela Carter was incredibly kind and generous to young writers, including me. She was also one of the true originals of English literature, both fabulist and feminist, and her richness of language was and remains a treasure.”

Recent News

"The Bloody Chamber"  makes 100 Best Horror Books of All Time
Angela Carter's The Bloody Chamber is ranked number 25 in Reedsy's 100 Best Horror Books of All Time "Angela Carter is
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Emma Rice brings "Wise Children" to Manchester.
Acclaimed director, Emma Rice is bringing her adaptation of Angela Carter's 1991 novel to Manchester. Wise Children is the first
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‘The Sadeian Woman’: How Angela Carter empowered her readers to embrace sexual liberation
The influence of the British author’s feminist reframing of pornography and women is demonstrated in a letter by performer and
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Sarah Waters: ‘Angela Carter's The Bloody Chamber was like nothing I’d read before’
The author on discovering Carter’s fairytales as a teenager… from The Guardian The book that changed my life Angela Carter’s collection
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Selected Works

Burning Your Boats

book cover: Burning Your Boats
 This volume presents Carter's considerable legacy of short fiction gathered from published books, and includes early and previously unpublished stories ...
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American Ghosts…

book cover: American Ghosts and Old World Wonders
A collection of short stories which tear through the archives of cinema, of art and of the subconscious. A young ...
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Black Venus

book cover: Black Venus
Black Venus (also published as Saints and Strangers), is an anthology of short fiction. Angela Carter takes real people and ...
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Fireworks: Nine Profane Pieces

book cover for Fireworks Nine Profane Pieces
In this collection of nine short stories, Carter pinpoints the symbolism of city streets and weaves allegories around forests and ...
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